By Don Frank
Published 06/24/2021; Updated 06/24/2021

Another beautiful Wednesday evening attracted about 35 riders to the Academy. We had a short discussion about the merits of a group ride where the A Riders separate in an orderly fashion from the B riders after a pleasant 18-20 mph four mile warm-up. By report, this seemed to have worked – the 15-20 A riders stayed together for much of the time. The B riders, having consulted with each other, held together at a very steady 20-21 mph. It is, after all, a B ride. As Charlie reminded us, we are always watching the rider ahead of us and responsible for the rider behind us. If the rider ahead is speeding out of our parameters, one need not give chase.

It is no secret by now that every week the B Group waits for a certain rider at the end of Taylor Hill. This week that rider decided he was sick of everyone trash talking him while they waited, so he took the flatter route around the hills. He met the pack after the hairpin turn and rode up on Jamie A-F. When Jamie, who did not realize that the rider avoided the worst of the climbs, saw said rider pull up and then ahead of him, his face fell and he began giving excuses, the usual: training, weight, Lyme disease.

Route 47 above 116 was torn to bits and a gravel bike would have helped for the half mile we were on it. We took the North Silver Lane detour on the way back and at several points a Hadley cruiser gave us cover as we merged onto 47 South. At the end, several of us met at the newly opened Northampton Bar and Bike shop for a beer.

Once again, I am looking forward to seeing you all next week and hopefully humiliating Jamie A-F.