By Don Frank
Published 06/18/2021; Updated 06/18/2021

It was a perfect day weather-wise and nearly 40 riders showed up for this week’s Wednesday Night Ride. All of us, the A and B riders, started together at a good social pace, and there was lots of chatter and good will. The A Group split from each other and the B riders in Hatfield, close enough to our plan. The remaining 18 riders forming the B group waited at the Hatfield MiniMart. We offered an A/B split, but there was only one taker who rode ahead giving (most of) the rest of us reason to chase.

Today as I write, I am celebrating a birthday commemorated by the Beatles. The march of time is something I don’t want to fix because the alternative is, well – you know. A couple of us who were lucky enough to get vaccinated early were dropped. Many people my age agree, the Covid lock down was kind of a nice thing. We did not have to care for and homeschool our young children during Covid. We were unlikely to go disco dancing or Lindy hopping anyway. My advanced age is a good thing and I feel sorry for all you 30-60 year olds, except when chasing a B group who is chasing an A/B rider.

Three of us turned around at Rt 116 and got back in time to shower and change before the rest of the B Group returned. Many of us reconvened at Spoletos for garlic bread, calamari and drinks – the best part of any ride. As an added bonus, the waitress and the singer in the band (there was a live band) viewed all of us as equally elderly.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at a bar next week.