By John Coffey
Published 06/16/2021; Updated 05/22/2022

With all the storms we’ve had lately and a warning from the National Weather Service about scattered storms, we set out on a figure 8 route that would allow a quick exit in case thunderstorms rolled in. They didn’t — instead, we were treated to a beautiful blue sky and near-perfect weather.

Fourteen riders departed from Pulaski Park, with a great mix of familiar and new faces. Michael Bello volunteered to sweep as we headed out for a woodsy ride, heading first to Williamsburg, then downhill along the river and by the reservoir. The group spread out a bit as we climbed into Westhampton, then cruised down past the farms on Easthampton Road. We finished with a faster blast down Burt’s Pit before heading back to town.

Congratulations to Tiffany on a Personal Best swim leg in last weekend’s triathlon. She described it as a bit strange to be racing again but great to be back. She continued the streak with a 5th best Strava trophy on Burt’s Pit.

Keep an eye on the calendar and website for next Tuesday. We’re planning something special.