By David Goodwin
Published 06/15/2021; Updated 05/22/2022

A wind from the deep south blew an old friend to the Deerfield TT tonight and he rode the haboob all the way north to McClellan Farm Road and back down south to the River Road fire hydrant near the grass court tennis players. Scott, back visiting the Valley for a few weeks and looking like he stapled a few pounds of beef tenderloin to his quads, gave all of us an old-fashioned spanking. Maybe you’ll have other plans next Tuesday??

I was hoping for a better turnout on this near perfect evening but perhaps the wind and swarms of locust kept folks away. I never saw the locust but the wind was certainly a factor today/tonight.

Series standings and info to date are at:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

Here are today’s results:

1. Scott Yarosh; Time: 30:35; 24.72 mph; 12 points
2. Andy MacDonald; Time: 32:18; 23.41 mph; 11 points
3. Zinj Guo; Time: 32:23; 23.35 mph; 10 points
4. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 32:35; 23.2 mph; 9 points
5. Melissa Warwick; Time: 33:55; 22.29 mph; 8 points
6. Henry van den Broek; Time: 34:44; 21.77 mph; 7 points
7. Madeline Nagy; Time: 35:04; 21.56 mph; 6 points
8. David Goodwin; Time: 35:27; 21.33 mph; 5 points
9. Henry Wheaton; Time: 38:25; 19.68 mph; 4 points
10. Cindy White; Time: 38:29; 19.64 mph; 3 points
11. Tim Pitkin; Time: 38:58; 19.4 mph; 2 points
12. Roger Stawasz; Time: 39:53; 18.96 mph; 1 points

Next Tuesday is the Skinner Hill Climb.