By Mark Rioux
Published 06/05/2021; Updated 06/10/2021

After an afternoon monitoring the radar and calculating the odds of a storm free ride, we decided that today was going to be the first C+ ride departing from Easthampton.

Four riders riders, including me, showed up for the start at Millside Park in Easthampton. John Coffey rolled in after doing a ride of his own and would only be riding part of the ride with us.  Jared Greenberg then arrived and also let me know that he had similar plans.  No worries though, Karl, a triathlete, was game for the complete ride. We pushed off at 5:30 PM.

John left us early on and Jared departed at Outlook Farm. At that point Karl and I made the decision that the weather would cooperate and rolled on.  What can I say after that? How about great ride, great company.

We put in about 35 miles with approximately 1,700 hundred feet of climbing in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. We averaging about 16.5 mph.

Check out the route in the Route Library.  Please feel free to join us next Thursday at Millside Park in Easthampton.