By David Goodwin
Published 04/20/2021; Updated 05/22/2022

Got a few time changes, a name change and a missed submission to add.

Yes, the wind was a cruel mistress/master today. You would think that we would have had an awesome tailwind for half of the TT today but that wasn’t my experience. It started out from the south, then was from the southeast and then the west. Lots of comments about it from you folks.

But first, Nick HF. Who are you?? Why don’t you have a pro contract yet? Nice job!

Second, a few points of order. Please try to time yourself with an actual timer and only use Strava as a backup if your timer fails. The time differences were pretty close to the 3 second Strava addition today, but this becomes more divergent on hill climbs.

Third, if you’re new to these, please check the start and finish lines as I got a report of someone stopping their timing before the actual finish line. Check out:

Time Trial and Hill Climb Series Routes

In order for full disclosure, I did the TT backwards today. No, I sat facing forward on my bike but since I live in Sunderland, I started near the north end of the course (but did the Sugarloaf St Extension triangle about 100 yards into the TT) and rode south, turned around at the green I-91 sign and finished where I started. Same distance as everyone, I just didn’t want to have to ride the full TT twice. Obviously, this will not be allowed for the Short TT or any of the hill climbs. Does anyone object to this? Let me know.

Here’s a link to the 2021 series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Nick Hight-Huf; Time: 39:07; 28.22 mph; 24 points

2. Jake Simons; Time: 39:29; 27.96 mph; 23 points

3. Carson Poe; Time: 45:07; 24.47 mph; 22 points

4. Ben Jankowski; Time: 45:17; 24.38 mph; 21 points

5. Sam Veggeberg; Time: 45:24; 24.32 mph; 20 points

6. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 45:54; 24.05 mph; 18.5 points

6. Zinj Guo; Time: 45:54; 24.05 mph; 18.5 points

8. Henry Weis; Time: 46:23; 23.8 mph; 17 points

9. Frank Sleegers; Time: 47:47; 23.1 mph; 16 points

10. Kevin Weinman; Time: 48:34; 22.73 mph; 15 points

11. Henry van den Broek; Time: 48:54; 22.58 mph; 14 points

12. Madeline Nagy; Time: 49:31; 22.3 mph; 13 points

13. Bradford Knipes; Time: 50:01; 22.07 mph; 12 points

14. David Goodwin; Time: 50:28; 21.88 mph; 11 points

15. Melissa Warwick; Time: 50:35; 21.83 mph; 10 points

16. Andy MacDonald; Time: 50:36; 21.82 mph; 9 points

17. Roger Stawasz; Time: 51:12; 21.56 mph; 8 points

18. Aime Bourdon; Time: 51:30; 21.44 mph; 7 points

19. Henry Wheaton; Time: 52:12; 21.15 mph; 6 points

20. Michael Bello; Time: 53:21; 20.69 mph; 5 points

21. Tim Pitkin; Time: 54:38; 20.21 mph; 4 points

22. Donna Wilson; Time: 55:53; 19.76 mph; 3 points

23. John Frey; Time: 56:40; 19.48 mph; 2 points

24. Peter Crowley; Time: 58:20; 18.93 mph; 1 points

Next Tuesday is the Shutesbury hillclimb, which starts in Leverett.