By Charlie Bailey
Published 03/13/2021; Updated 03/28/2021

As I watch the last of the snow melt in the field outside my (home) office window, I’m really getting excited for the upcoming season of outdoor riding. Zwift is fun, but outdoor riding is why I put in the work on the trainer in the winter.

As much as we would love to have a party and see everyone face to face, we have a bit more of this pandemic road to travel, and this years member meeting will be virtual. We will get together on Zoom for a short meeting on March 28th from 7-8 PM. Top on our agenda will be our “return to riding plan.” The ride leaders are meeting next week to put the finishing touches on the plan, and John Coffey will be on hand at the member meeting to give us the latest update. We’ll have the latest news on the Tuesday night series, our plans for Massochistah, and more. Mark your calendar, and chill your favorite beverage. Check your email or the upcoming March NCC newsletter for details.

Note that this meeting is for current NCC members only. If you haven’t renewed for 2021, please take a quick side trip to the new NCC membership registration system and fill out the form. It’s painless, and easy, I promise!

See you in a few weeks!