By John Coffey
Published 03/02/2021; Updated 03/02/2021

With the continued drop in Covid cases and the increased number of vaccines, there is good cause for optimism that we can get back to group rides this year. While we can’t predict when we’ll be allowed to restart, we can be ready.

Ride Leaders are critical to our Return to Riding Plan. We need your help and will train you! Leading a ride is a wonderful way to contribute to your club. Please email if you are interested.

We have multiple opportunities to contribute:

  • We will probably restart with smaller groups and will need more leaders. If you have been thinking about volunteering — but are concerned that rides are too big — here is your chance! During our transition, you can get comfortable leading small rides. You can then move on to leading larger ones or assist another leader.
  • Two of our key ride leaders have had to drop out due to other commitments. The Tuesday C ride and the Thursday B ride need regular leaders.
  • “Own” a ride. You don’t have to lead it, but can help recruit weekly leaders, plan routes and make weather cancellation calls if necessary.
  • Assistant the Ride Leader on large rides
  • Help and/or back up the Ride Leader Organizer with planning, communication and weather cancellations

Now is the time to join. We will hold our Spring Ride Leader meeting during the second week of March. For more information, see the Ride Leader Page.