By Tim Cary
Published 02/08/2021; Updated 02/08/2021

We sadly announce that the Tour of the Hilltowns is cancelled for 2021.  As many of you know, this is an epic, long, and difficult race that runs through eight small towns in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  As such, it takes nearly a half year of planning and coordination to make it happen.  We work closely with each town on public safety, logistics, resident communications and more. The first step is for each town to give us permission to run the race through their town. With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, our partner towns do not wish to expose themselves to the risk of bicycle racers from across New England and New York or beyond.  We certainty understand this concern, and because a road race of this size and complexity, it is nearly impossible to re-schedule or re-route.  We appreciate the support of past racers, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters.  We will be back in 2022.  Stay healthy and active.