By Charlie Bailey
Published 01/04/2021; Updated 01/06/2021

There are four common questions that Northampton Cycling Club members ask:

  1. Is my membership current?
  2. Did I already renew my membership?
  3. How do I renew my membership?
  4. When should I renew?

We finally we have a system in place to handle these questions.

The NCC is proud to announce that we have implemented a new membership system with auto-renewals! Register once, and we will automatically renew your membership next year on your renewal date. In the past, memberships ran from January 1 to December 31 each year. With this new system, your membership begins the day you register and will renew each year on that same date.

The membership sign-up process is pretty much the same as always; you’ll fill out a form with some relevant information, you’ll enter your email address, and when you enter your credit card info, we will keep it on file with our secure payment processor (Stripe) so that we can automatically process your renewal next year on your renewal date.

You’ll also get a secure login to the membership system so that you can make adjustments as necessary. We will even send out reminders to you if your card on file is about to expire, or your renewal date is approaching. About a month before your renewal date, we’ll send you a reminder that your annual membership is going to automatically renew unless you take action. Of course, you can opt out at any time, but if you do nothing, your membership will renew every year like clockwork.

What could be easier?

When you submit your form, you’ll get an email invitation to configure a password for the NCC site. That login will give you access to a new feature on the website called “Your Account” available from the About menu. On the “Your Account” page, you’ll be able to manage your subscription, make any modifications to your membership information like mailing address, or update your stored payment method. In the future, we are hoping to provide some additional members only content on the site.Your Account menu choice


Your subscription information


Of course, this is a brand new system and though we’ve been doing a ton of testing, there’s bound to be some bumps in the road. We’re super interested in your feedback on this new system and if anything doesn’t work for you, please give us a holler and we will make it right.

Visit the NCC’s Membership page to join the club or renew your membership.