By Michael Bello
Published 12/26/2020; Updated 12/25/2020

The Northampton Cycling Club has a tradition of riding together on New Year’s Day. In typical years, we use the temperature on the clock in downtown Northampton to determine the number of miles for the adventure. If it is 30 degrees, we ride 30 miles. If it is 5 degrees, we suffer for five miles. If it is -2 degrees, our tears freeze to our faces.

Being that 2020, and at least the first half of 2021, are anything but typical, we are adjusting our New Year’s Day tradition. This year, we will still gather at noon, but virtually on Zwift.

Since we are not meteorologists, we can only predict that it will be 30 something degrees at noon on January 1st. We can dream of warm weather as we ride for 90 minutes around one of Watopia’s new routes, Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop. After all, new year, new route.

Be sure to have Discord ready so you can verbally talk to your fellow NCC members. Many of us will be on video as well.

For details on how to use Zwift and Discord for NCC events, please visit our Zwift and Zwift Guide pages.

For an invite to the New Year’s Day ride, follow “Michael Bello – NCC” on Zwift. The invite will be sent out around December 27th.