By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 11/25/2020; Updated 12/22/2020

With 2020 being how it is, finding stuff to be grateful for can be tough. And sure, you might have heard us grumbling about having to ride indoors a lot, or accidentally trying to shove a water bottle through a mask. Oh, and the Spring was cold and wet. AND we had to cancel our weekly rides…

BUT – we turned BikeFest into something special in its own way this year, and though that, you wonderful folks have donated almost $1,300 to the JAM Fund. THANK YOU!

There’s more! We took 2020 as an opportunity to say “Thanks” to a few organizations in the area for the work they’re doing, and hopefully do a little to help them weather a really tough year. As a Club we divided up $1,000 equally among the following organizations.

It’s a small token in a year of very big challenges, but we wanted to do something for people and support groups in our community, since we can’t really be the Club community we’re missing.

We hope you have a safe Holiday season and can find some bright spots on a bike.