By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 11/13/2020; Updated 12/22/2020

As the temperature outside gets colder and the days get shorter, consider joining your fellow NCC members riding on Zwift, the online cycling and running program. We have multiple events each week, including a Monday night race series, a group ride on Tuesday nights, a Hill Climb/Time Trial series on Thursdays, and a longer group ride on Saturday mornings. Please see the NCC Calendar and discussion board for details on each ride.

Besides exercise, each event has a social component. We have audio (and often video) chats on Discord, which only adds to the fun.

If you need additional incentive, did you know that there is a prize for the Hill Climb/Time Trial series? Chris (men’s spring series winner), Jonathan (men’s summer series winner), and Melissa (women’s spring and summer winner) each received three free months of Zwift for each series victory. Best of all, the Fall series is still up for grabs so it is not too late to join the fun.

Our new Monday night race series is off to a fantastic start. Each week’s Zwift race has multiple divisions (A, B, C, and D) and NCC riders enter the division matching their ability. NCC scoring is based on how well NCC riders place relative to the other riders worldwide in their race. After two weeks, a C rider is in first, a B rider is in second, and a D rider is in third!

Our Tuesday group ride is 60 minutes (usually about 20 miles), while our Saturday ride is at least 90 minutes.

If any members need assistance setting up Zwift or Discord, please let us know. We are happy to assist.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we will have a group ride! Is there a better way to recover from a large meal than to ride? We don’t think so.

Check out the NCC’s Zwift page for information about rides and a guide on how to Zwift.