By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 10/14/2020; Updated 12/22/2020

Do you want to ride with your fellow NCC members? Who doesn’t? During the pandemic the safest way is through Zwift, an online cycling and running program. The NCC has been hosting rides throughout the year and will continue to do so, especially now that it is getting dark earlier and colder outside. Each week, the NCC hosts group rides, a hill climb/time trial, and a race. Our rides are enhanced by in-ride voice or video chats.

The Fall Hill Climb/Time Trial series is set to begin October 15th. Each week, participants can ride the route on their own or join the group ride version at 5:30 PM. Congratulations to Jonathan and Melissa for winning the Summer series.

Check out the NCC’s Zwift page for information about rides and a guide on how to Zwift.