By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 10/14/2020; Updated 12/22/2020

If you hadn’t heard, the 2020 version of BikeFest is up and rolling – and it’s not on Zwift! We’re talking real-life, outside riding. There’s no afterparty, and you really shouldn’t be riding with anyone outside your household (or consistent pod), but it’s as fun as riding a bike and for a great cause.

But – there are rules:

  1. Register for free on BikeReg
  2. Ride your route by November 30th (October 31st if you want your free socks)
  3. Upload your ride data to BikeReg
  4. Wait for your free socks (Yes! We’ll send you a free pair of commemorative socks for the least commemorative year ever!)

It’s the closest you can get to no-lose, especially in 2020. You ride your bike, maybe even find some new roads in the area, show off a little, and get free socks.

And about that “for a great cause” clause…Take a picture and tag it #bikefestsolo, and we’ll donate $5 to the JAM Fund. The JAM Fund supports young cyclists who are passionate about riding and racing – especially cyclocross – through coaching, equipment, and helping with race/travel costs. So get out there, get riding, take pictures, tag #bikefestsolo, and maybe donate a few bucks when you register too, if you’re able.