By Michael Bello
Published 09/24/2020; Updated 05/29/2021

As we await the start of the NCC Zwift Fall Hill Climb/Time Trial series in a few weeks, three of us tried a Zwift Crit.

Charlie, Melissa, and I entered the C category. It was nice having a team. In total there were 34 riders in the C division.

Each lap was 1.2 miles around Zwift’s Crit City. In total, the race was 9.6 miles.

Over the eight laps, the grand majority of the group stayed together. About half a mile from the finish, I lost the group.

Unfortunately, Charlie and Melissa put out too much power for the C division and got disqualified by ZwiftPower! There were a lot of riders in the same situation. I finished 10th, 19.6 second behind the winner. The #11 finisher was 1:54 behind the winner, so I truly lost the front pack, which included Carlie and Melissa, at the very end.

Here are today’s NCC Times:

Charlie Bailey; 21:53; 3.55 w/kg (248w); DQ
Melissa Warwick; 21:54; 3.77 w/kg (217w); DQ
Michael Bello; 22.10; 3.2 w/kg (243w); 10th place

Here is the NCC Zwift schedule:

– Mon 6:30 PM – Road Race (Follow Jonathan O’Keeffe on Zwift for invite)
– Tue 8:00 PM – Social Ride (Follow Michael Bello on Zwift for invite)
– Thu 5:30 PM – Time Trial / Hill Climb (solo effort, TT bike required – Follow Michael Bello on Zwift for invite)
– Sat 9:00 AM – Social Ride (weather dependent – Follow Michael Bello on Zwift for invite)