By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 09/22/2020; Updated 05/29/2021

Charlie, Melissa, and I raced the Fan Flats course in Richmond last night. Charlie and Melissa were kind enough to soft-pedal in the beginning while I suffered through a variety of technical difficulties (power drops) and user-generated errors (wrong bike choice). Once we got started, we stuck together pretty much all the way through. I was trying to split up Charlie and Melissa, but they were both watching every move, and responding quickly. It came down to the sprint at the end, where I managed to edge out Charlie at the line.

1. Jonathan O’Keeffe – 3 points
2. Charlie Bailey – 2 points
3. Melissa Warwick – 1 point

Overall series standings after six races:
Jonathan O’Keeffe (6 races) – 19.5 points
Melissa Warwick (5 races) – 8.5 points
Charlie Bailey (4 races) – 7 points
Michael Bello (4 races) – 6 points
Jamie Parr (1 race) – 4.5 points
Kevin Weinman (1 race) – 3 points