By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 09/18/2020; Updated 12/22/2020

We mentioned that we’d figure something out for BikeFest and here’s the deal. Register for free on BikeReg, pick a route (we’ll give you last year’s), log your ride on Strava between September 20 and October 31 (some details on that below), and we’ll send you a special pair of DeFeet bike socks. And sure, if you can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs we’ll toss in an extra pair.

BikeFest is the Club’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and most of the money we raise gets donated to the JAM Fund. JAM helps kids across the country who are passionate about riding bikes and racing in conditions you’d find on Dagoba follow that dream.

To support this awesome organization and their work, while making this feel a little less solo, we have a little challenge for you: take a picture at one of the following spots and tag it to #bikefestsolo and we’ll donate $5 to JAM, up to $500. Get a picture with twin suns and we’ll increase that bounty.

  • Glendale Ridge Vineyard (Google Map Pin) – Vineyard Ride
  • Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge (Google Map Pin) – Extended Metric, Century
  • Eunice Williams Covered Bridge (Google Map Pin) – Extended Metric
  • Eden Rd at Frizzle Hill Rd (Google Map Pin) – Century
  • Apex Orchard (Google Map Pin) – Extended Metric, Century

In case you forgot, all our in person rides were cancelled this year, so keep your distance, but don’t look like you’re trying to keep your distance. Ride by yourself, or with your household (or Wookiee, bubble, pod, whoever you’re around regularly).

If you’re leery about Imperial forces tracking your ride, or don’t have Strava, you can sign up for free and manually put in your ride. It just takes a few minutes. We’ll be keeping an eye on the rides and pictures as they come in, and share them with the community on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll all close our eyes and pretend that we’re hanging out.

Like the rest of 2020, this isn’t how we wanted BikeFest to be, but it sure beats being on Alderaan… We’re lucky to have some of the best riding in the world, right out our back door. Let’s get out there and enjoy it together – solo.

Register for free!