By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 08/24/2020; Updated 05/29/2021

We had four riders tonight, plus a guest appearance by Jamie, who stopped in on Discord to chat, but was “too tired” to race, or something like that. Whatever 🙂

Michael, Melissa, Kevin and I set out for four laps of the 5.5 mile Innsbruckring loop. We neutralized the first half-lap to give the group a chance to form up, and then hit the gas after the first climb. We stayed together for almost a full lap before I decided to take a flyer approaching the second time up the climb. This opened up a gap of a dozen seconds or so on Kevin, and turned the rest of the race into an individual time trial for he and I. Melissa and Michael stayed together a little while longer before she pulled away, and all of us ended up TT’ing the last couple of laps.

1. Jonathan O’Keeffe – 4 points
2. Kevin Weinman – 3 points
3. Melissa Warwick – 2 points
4. Michael Bello – 1 point

Overall series standings:

1. Jonathan O’Keeffe – 8.5 points
2. Melissa Warwick – 6 points
3. Jamie Pair – 4.5 points
4. Michael Bello – 3 points
5. Charlie Bailey – 1 point

Next week we will try for something a little climb-ier — stay tuned for details.