By Michael Bello
Published 08/13/2020; Updated 05/29/2021

For the sixth week of the NCC Zwift Summer Hill Climb/Time Trial series, we rode the Park Perimeter Loop in New York City.

The TT was 6.1 miles with an average gradient of 0%. In total, there was 413 feet of climbing per lap.

Zwift was acting a bit odd this evening. The in game time estimates for riders ahead or behind appeared off. Also, the avatars were not appearing as their usual selves.

This week’s five participants were all part of the group ride. We used Discord’s video chat.

Charlie, Melissa, and Teddy each got Strava PRs on the day. Melissa improved her NCC QOM for the route.

Here are today’s results:

Place, Name, Time, Speed, Points
1. Blake, Teddy; Time: 13:50:00; 26.3 mph; 5 points*
2. O’Keeffe, Jonathan; Time: 14:04:00; 25.9 mph; 4 points
3. Bailey, Charlie; Time: 15:02:00; 24.2 mph; 3 points*
4. Warwick, Melissa; Time: 15:22:00; 23.7 mph; 2 points*
5. Bello, Michael; Time: 15:29:00; 23.5 mph; 1 points

*Strava PR

Here are the series standings:

Place, Name, Events, Points
1. Blake, Teddy; Event(s) 6; Points: 32
2. O’Keeffe, Jonathan; Event(s) 6; Points: 31
3. Bailey, Charlie; Event(s) 6; Points: 20
4. Weinman, Kevin; Event(s) 4; Points: 16
5. Warwick, Melissa; Event(s) 6; Points: 11
6. Bello, Michael; Event(s) 6; Points: 10
7. Wilson, Donna; Event(s) 1; Points: 1

Next week, we will do a Hill Climb. Details will be posted in a few days.

Tuesday nights at 8 PM (regardless of the weather) and Saturday mornings at 9 AM (if the weather is bad) are the planned NCC Zwift group rides. I attempt to change the route up each time.