By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 04/19/2020; Updated 12/22/2020

In lieu of riding in-person, we’re taking things virtual on Zwift. Zwift works with a variety of trainers (smart and basic), power meters, rollers, speed sensors, etc. You most likely already have a combination of equipment needed to join the fun on Zwift.

Our weekday ride (Tuesday at 8 PM) typically lasts an hour. The weekend rides (Saturday at 9 AM) are longer and last between 75 and 120 minutes.

Under normal circumstances the NCC hosts a weekly outdoor Hill Climb or Time Trial. But because these aren’t normal circumstances, we’re launching a Zwift version of this long-standing event on April 23rd! We will have two options for this weekly Thursday event:

  • NCC Group Ride, typically at 5:30 PM.
  • Ride any route or race that includes the Hill Climb or TT by 10 PM ET on the day of the group ride.

If you’re new to Zwift or looking for the Hill Climb/TT rules, check out the NCC Zwift Guide.

We’ve been hearing about riders using other platforms like Discord and Skype to have separate audio channels to enhance the experience and add another level of social connection. And while it’s probably best to not combine a Zwift ride and virtual Happy Hour into one event, there’s no official rule stating you can’t. Just saying…

 Keep an eye on the NCC Event Calendar for details on group rides and the Hill Climbs/TTs.