By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 01/23/2020; Updated 01/24/2023

The Massochistah is back for its third year. And you’re going to want to train for it. So, the wonderful/terrible folks who concocted this amazing/agonizing ride have opened up a training program of sorts. Club sponsors and dear friends Northampton Bicycle are donating the use of their indoor studio for Massochistah Mondays – training sessions to give you a leg up in getting your legs up to the challenge. Join us on upcoming Mondays, starting January 27th from 6:30-8:30 pm. We’re asking for a donation of about $10 per session – all of it goes to the youth programs NCC supports.

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WHAT?! You haven’t registered for the Massochistah itself yet? Hurry up! It’s coming up fast and will sell out. In case you’d forgotten though, here’s a primer. There are three rides:

  • 30 miles/3,000 ft of climbing
  • 50 miles/5,000 ft of climbing
  • 70 miles/7,000 ft of climbing

They all take place on gorgeous Hilltowns back roads. Mostly dirt, with lots of mud, some ice and snow, and probably a few dozen ruts. After you ride your bike and wonder why you did it, you kick back at the party once again happening at the Ashfield Lakehouse. Great food, great beer, great bluegrass. You can clean your bike tomorrow.

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