By Tim Cary
Published 01/01/2017; Updated 09/15/2021

by Tim_Cary ยป Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:04 pm

Indeed, always a fun event. I hope others pop in with a little bit of commentary.

I counted 22 at the park. Not a record- but not too bad either. I am a bit confused on what we agreed on for the official temp. I had 38 on my Garmin, I think the Silverscape clock said 45? In any case, David had reports that parts of his proposed route was a bit sketchy- leftover slush from last night’s “ice pellets” or whatever the weather service wants to call them.

David did a great job planning out a route that kept us out of the head winds most of the day. The pace was rather brisk at times- I had a hard time keeping up. We also ran into several slush covered roads in Granby and Amherst- I am glad I had my cx tires on. Unfortunately, several folks turned back because of those conditions.

I was comfortable in terms of temperature all day, tough when the wind whipped up in my face, it was a bit chilly. I think the average was 36F or so.

In the end, I had 41.86 miles when I passed the park on the way home, a total of 2:59, 2001 ft of elevation, and 16.3 MPH average speed.

GREAT to see you all out there. Happy New Year all!

And not to forget, we have several NCC members going to cyclo-cross nationals next week- GOOD LUCK to them all. Very excited and proud to have NCC jerseys out there!