By Northampton Cycling Club
Published 06/14/2014; Updated 09/15/2021

by Kevin Schott » Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:22 am

Nice ride. A bit disheveled, but still a good day out. Ten of us headed up to the Book Mill via North Farms Road, Whately center, old Deerfield, then into Montague from the north. Once through Montague, it was a quick ride back down to 47, through Sunderland, and then 47 back to Hadley. The ride back on 47 was the typical wind-it-up-and-hang-on paceline – fun stuff! Maybe the flattest SMR in history – an observation, not a complaint 😉

We had a little trouble keeping together, even from the start. Somehow we lost JB at roll-off. We lost a rider on the way to Whately due to a flat, but no one recognized he was gone until a headcount at the Whately post office. Fortunately it was just a regular flat and he repaired and rejoined quickly. Let’s say we have opportunities for better communication.

Two (at least) new guys were along, Dave from Heath and John newly from NoHo via CT. Nice riding with you guys; hope you had a good ride and participate in more SMRs.

80 degrees, a flat route…. I don’t think I bitched or whined once. 😀