By Peter Crowley
Published 03/15/2014; Updated 09/15/2021

by Peter Crowley » Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:43 pm

Although the weather forecast last night called for freezing temps and showers, that was not to be. Under scattered clouds and temps in the 40’s Roberto, Frank, Clayton and I took off from the Academy heading towards Shelburne Falls. Don F stopped by the Academy just as we were leaving but decided not to join us-something about not having the patience to wait for me on hills. Clayton had to head back in Conway, but the remaining three of us went on to Ashfield via Shelburne Falls and Wilder Hill Roads. And from there back to Northampton via Williamsburg Road and Rt 9. All in all the roads were in pretty good shape-no ice, some sand, and a bumper crop of new potholes.
And just as I headed home (at the start of the Pelham hillclimb) I met up with Don F who was heading down Amherst Road.
From Pelham to Pelham: 74.7 miles; 4:44 …a bit longer than I had planned for, but just what I needed to do