By Tim Cary
Published 06/22/2013; Updated 09/29/2021

by Roberto Ludovico » Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:34 pm

21 one of us left the Academy this morning in a mix of B and C rides; all had different names except for Peter and Peter. We rolled together to the end of North Farms road on the reverse TNR route where 15 riders in the B group split with Hawley via Clesson Brook rd as a destination. After a first regrouping in Conway we headed toward Shelburne Falls at brisk pace. Four more riders opted for a shorter loop after the refueling stop at McCuscker’s, with the remaining group of 11 taking on 112 and Clesson Brook rd. to the center of Hawley. From there we took a left turn on Plainfield rd, then again left on Watson rd that rewarded us with spectacular views. More natural beauty and pure cycling fun came on Bug Hill rd, Bear Swamp rd and Hawley rd, that took all of us into Ashfield for our second food stop. This is where the fun part of my ride ended. As I got back on the bike I realized that I had one broken pedal and was unable to clip in. I had to forego the plan of taking the group back to Noho via W rd and headed down 116 instead. A thousand times thank you to Keith, Kevin, and Peter C. who escorted me all the way to Hadley, taking all the the head wind that rt 47 could possibly throw at us. The rest of the group pressed on from Ashfield to Noho, I suppose on the reverse TNR (outbound leg). I trust everybody got home safe and happy. A great ride, despite my mechanical, with a super strong, big group of riders.


by Chris deHahn » Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:01 pm

We had no idea you had a mechanical. A group of four of us enjoyed the descent into Williamsburg, where Pete and I split off taking Route 9 as he was under time pressure and I was out of training time. Clesson Brook Road, 350w for 15 minutes