By Tim Cary
Published 05/18/2013; Updated 10/15/2021

by admin » Fri May 17, 2013 8:08 am
Well – looks like all of the regular SMR navigators will be cycling under the influence of the Tour De Brew®

Here is a proposed route for any teetotaller that might be interested in joining us. We can of course discuss alternatives. B Ride leaves at 9AM from the Academy of Music in Noho and the weather looks great. This route would be roughly 57 miles with a chance to refuel in Shelburne Falls.


by Kevin Schott » Sat May 18, 2013 10:13 pm
Executive summary:
6 riders, 57+ miles, solid ride.

Clayton, Rich W, Don F, Scott, Mike Y, and I reviewed time constraints and figured a ride out toward Shutesbury would be best. Our plan was to go up the S-curves, check the time, and re-route as time and legs permitted. After rolling out shortly after 9am we immediately hit a red light at Pleasant and Main. The woman in the car that was first in line to go straight rolled her window down and asked if we were going straight. We said “yes” so she offered to let us go ahead of her. With a totally deadpan delivery, Clayton asked her “why, do you want to run us over?” Thank goodness she found as much humor in that question as we did! — a great laugh and a great start to the ride.

We warmed up through NoHo into Hadley. Clayton set a strong pace from Rocky Hill Road all the way through Cushman and to the base of the S-curves. We stratified a bit on the climb and regrouped at Shutesbury center. Thankfully, Don had his new carbon fiber panniers on his Parlee; hard to believe he could fit two six-packs with ice in there. Although not a pint, we hoisted our first bottles together before heading to Lake Wyola.

A few rollers and and a nice descent left us next to Lake Wyola and contemplating our next move. We were all good on time, so we decided on a right into Wendell. We regrouped and took on liquids at the country store. Clayton had to depart and TT to Amherst to reach a noontime commitment. The five of us ventured on through Wendell forest and ultimately into Millers Falls. After again assessing our time constraints, it was off to Turners Falls.

There was talk in the peloton about getting over to Rt 5 and returning through Deerfield and Old Deerfield. Once on the far side of Turners Fall though, it was apparent that we were running short on time, so while finishing the rest of the 12 ouncers in Don’s on-board coolers, we decided to cut the corner with the bike trail and go south down River Road. With the climbing over, we rolled at a nice clip into Whately where we stopped at the ice cream stand for one last round of liquid replenishment. Rich was nursing a hammy cramp just before we came into Whately. Remarkably he was able to stretch it out and keep it happy all the way back to NoHo, even as we upped the pace on the flats to get everyone back home at least close to when they said they’d return.

Back in NoHo, Don and Rich stayed on Rt 5 while Mike, Scott and I split off onto Hatfield Street toward Florence. At that point we had almost 58 miles, so starting/stopping at the Academy of Music would be roughly a 60 mile ride. Another totally fun SMR — thanks guys!