By Tim Cary
Published 05/12/2013; Updated 10/15/2021

by Kevin Schott » Sun May 12, 2013 11:22 am
Executive summary:
4 riders, 42+ miles, no rain, really good ride.

With the threat of a washout, Clayton, Joe, Richard, and I decided on a loop that would keep us near home to limit soak-time when the rain started. We headed toward Montgomery with the idea that we would come back Rt 66 and then figure out another loop if the weather would allow more riding. After a light ride to SoHo, Clayton turned up the pace a bit along Russellville Rd to make sure we were warmed-up for the climb into Montgomery. We rolled through the Wyben section of Westfield and then up to Montgomery center.

After regrouping, we flew down to Rt 112 (always a fun descent) and with the weather staying dry so far, we changed our plans, passing Rt 66 and instead heading up to Ireland Street. Once up 112 and past the stiffest section of Ireland, the pace was lighter as we regrouped, refueled, and chatted a bit.

Once onto Rt 143 and onto the climb to Chesterfield center, we again quickly stratified with Clayton and Joe again off in the distance somewhere. Thankfully Richard had a bright colored jersey so at least I could keep him in sight. We regrouped at the top and headed straight down Rt 143 into Williamsburg on pace to be back to NoHo right around noon. Once in Williamsburg, Richard headed off toward Amherst while Clayton, Joe, and I took South Street back toward NoHo. Along the way I split off to SoHo via Sylvester Rd. We had 42 miles as a group to Williamsburg, so the total back to our starting point would have been about 50.