By Tim Cary
Published 04/06/2013; Updated 10/15/2021

by jonathanbrody » Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:18 pm

We had a special SMR yesterday!

19 of us showed for what turned out to be a brisk, but sunny morning. This included: Chris, Rich, Roberto, Kevin, guy on a tri-bike (sorry I forgot your name), Tim, Jonathan, Zach, Jeff B, Don F., Mike Foley and his friend, Peter (from 545 Velo), Ron (name correct? — who had showed for the C-Ride) and myself. But that is not all…

We were joined by a half-dozen of the Valley’s strongest – and nicest – riders. This included, Jeremy Powers, Jeremy Durrin, Gabby Day, Frances Morrison and Mukunda Feldman.

We headed out the TNR, but flatted on Spring St., luckily right near Tom H.’s house which afforded always friendly conversation and a bike pump – little did we know we could have employed Frances’ skills of bike repair – next time;-)

The pace stayed very steady 3/4 of the way up Ashfield/ Williamsburg Rd. with J-Pow showing us how it is done. On the decent past Chapel Falls, the group broke a bit, with Roberto and JOK charging ahead. We weaved our way to Hawley Rd. then Bear Swamp and Bug Hill, where again, J-Pow kept us steady. We turned down Watson Spruce Corner Rd. to Southface Farm Sugar Shack, which was hosting a bike day. There were tons of bikes, corn fritters, pancakes, bacon and coffee. So much fun!

With belly’s full we headed down Watson Spruce to Spruce Corner and then split on 9, with most of the group following the pros for a dirt-road stint down towards Westhampton – where later reports told that Frances was able to flex her mechanical muscles!

The rest of us – Tim, Roberto, Chris, Rich, and Don, me – headed down 9 with Tim and I splitting for some more hills on Sugar Hill, East, and then down Chesterfield.

Although having the Jermey’s, Mukunda, Gabby and Frances made the day extra special, this was just an awesome ride: steady pace, beautiful and challenging course, a sugar shack nestled in the hills for a mid-ride snack, and great conversation/ comrade throughout. This is why I love cycling in the valley — and with the NCC!

Here are the stats: 50 Miles, 3,400 ft of climbing, and 16mph.