By Tim Cary
Published 03/30/2013; Updated 10/15/2021

by Mike_Foley » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:12 pm

I am not going to attempt to post a full ride report … I will say this:

2) Doing 4 minute intervals with 34×25 does not prepare me for doing 12 minute climbs on 39×25 … that climbing hurt! 🙂
3) That kid Phillip can climb.
4) Chesterfield was very cool. Whoever mentioned the wild bears … and that they never attacked cyclists in a group … only dropped and lagging cyclists (e.g. … me) was very funny. I was too tired to laugh at that point
5) I loved that general store … and I love stopping at all rural general stores in the middle of nowhere.
6) That descent was ripping … a total adrenaline rush.
7) After the descent, I asked how many more miles to go … (was expecting 20 miles and 1 more giant climb) … but when the answer was “We’re in Northampton” …. that made me so very very happy! I had survived!

Great ride … love riding with the NCC!!


Ride Report 3.5 Climbs

Post by Tim_Cary » Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:29 pm

I plotted out a really ambitious and difficult route- perhaps in a moment of insanity coming off being sick for a week and pretty much off the bike for two. It included Chesterfield, so to ensure no repeat of last weeks terrible conditions up there, I scouted it out on Friday. Dry roads all the way.

Dry, sunny conditions, with a temperature in the mid 40’s brought out a fairly large group of about 17 to the Academy. I can not remember everyone’s name, so if I left you out, please feel free to post a reply below with “hey, I was there!”. The faces I remember are: Roberto, Jonathan O., David G., Ron, Peter C, Andrew, Mike & his son Phillip Hempstead, Mike Foley, Joe L, Rich, Bill, myself, Mike, and several others including a very strong gal who’s name I did not get.

We headed out toward Easthampton and Southampton via Rocky Hill Rd and Park St, where there was a bit of confusion (sorry about that) that took us to a road-bike unfriendly dirt road, but backtracking a bit put us right back on route.

Heading through Southampton, Joe had a flat, and despite us offering to wait, he encouraged us to carry on since his tire was pretty bald. Sorry Joe- we missed you.

The first climb of the day up Montgomery Mountain via Southampton Rd is the same mountain that we climbed out of Westfield last fall, just another side of it. This one features about 2.1 miles of climbing with a maximum grade of around 10%, but instead of a steep, long climb, it rolls a bit. I don’t know who made it up this first, but kudos to who did!

After a regroup, a gradual climb to the center of Montgomery (which features the tiniest church, town hall and fire department I have ever seen, plunked right atop the hill) and then a very fast descent into Huntington gave us a bit of rest.

Just a tad up Rte. 112, was the turn off for the second major climb- County Rd, which winds up another couple of miles with around a max 12% grade. I was near the back at this point, so again whomever reached the top first- you are a animal! At the regroup spot, a couple of residents came over to congratulate us on the climb and even took some photos of the group with our cameras! Quite unexpected, but the kindness much appreciated. Plus the extra encouragement is always a big help. Unfortunately, after waiting a significant amount of time and some of us backtracking a bit, we could not find Bill and assumed he turned back for home somewhere up County Rd. Thanks for joining us Bill- it was a very hard course and you did great keeping up with a real strong group.

Once we hit Rte 66 in Huntington, after an awesome descent on which I could not get anyone interested in a town line chase over to Westhampton, much of the group opted to head for home and skip the last 1.5 climb. Six of us- Jonathan O, Roberto, Mike F, Andrew, Rich and myself turned off and headed toward the center of Westhampton and the last major climb of the day.

We scaled the well known Kings’s Highway wall slowly- although it was clear by now that Roberto and Andrew were leaving us in the dust and looking for PR’s or KOM’s. Once we got up to Northwest Road- it was me that said this is prime Bear and Deer time, but I have to give it to Jonathan who added the bit about bear attacking lagging cyclists!

Finally, a bit more climbing up to the center of Chesterfield is that I call the 1/2 climb if you are counting. Why? Because it is nothing compared to the other three! I bet many disagree, because it is a very long climb, just not as steep. With this ride, I think it merits the 0.5 😀 At the center of Chesterfield, Andrew headed home via Rte 143, while the rest of us headed to that general store we’d been waiting forever to get to, it seems.

Feeling refreshed, we headed a bit further north so I could take the group down Sugar Hill Rd- where I grew up. This road cuts through some very quiet countryside and dropped us back down to Rte 143.

A quick turn off of 143 put us up on East St, which lead to a bit more familiar territory passing Bofat Hill Rd- the end of the Chesterfield hill climb segment. From here on, all down hill (well, mostly). I won the Chesterfield/Westhampton town line, though again I don’t think anyone really was interested in town lines today. After that, Roberto took off into the sunshine, with Jonathan attempting to catch him. The rest of us never saw them again until the end of Chesterfield road in Northampton.

After regrouping we pedaled back into town with a temperature now over 60° F while chatting about the awesome day we had. Awesome riding everyone- this was not an easy SMR. So great to have a large turnout. Hope to see you all again.

I had about 55 miles from the Academy to the Academy, at and average pace of 15.3 MPH with 5414 feet of climbing overall.


by Frank Sleegers » Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:32 pm

Saturday Ride in Austin Texas
While you were riding here in the valley I got my first tan lines ins a short-sleeved jersey at 80 degrees +!
This was the highlight of a conference weekend. The “local” bike store(more later) plotted out a 54 mile route for me and off I went towards the dam at the Colorado River. They promised some climbs … After about 2o miles I was a little bit disappointed by the wide roads and I had already reached th e expected highpoint of the course.
A local junior racer helped out. I met this guy on the road and we decided to ride togehter. he took me out to some of the most beautiful backroads with some rolling hills on winding roads. We finished after 75 miles and 3000 + feet of climbing. I went through SEVEN water bottles and three bananas.
The “local” bike store, where I rented out the bike was Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop I was surprised, just by coincidence I stranded in Lance’s bike store in Austin. I” figured ” that out when I saw these seven YELLOW jerseys on the wall. The shop was just incredible. There were showers, lockers and a cool coffee shop integrated that was a local hangout for maybe 50 cyclists right in downtown. What a scene! Well done Lance.