By Tim Cary
Published 12/08/2012; Updated 10/28/2021

by Tim_Cary » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:42 pm

Roberto, Jonathan B, Clayton, and myself arrived to seemingly warm (36° F) temperatures and light fog, with that bright orange thing in the sky trying very hard to show through.

My plan was for about 50 miles with three significant climbs- Montgomery mountain, County Road out of Huntington, and Kings Highway out of Westhampton into Chesterfield.

We headed out of town, enjoying the beautiful late fall (OK, maybe almost Winter, but there was no snow, so I say fall still) scenery up on Park Hill Rd, and got sufficiently warmed up by the time we hit Rte 10.

During the descent before Montgomery Mountain, I noticed that I could not shift all the way to high gear. I did not really think much about it then.

Roberto lead the way up the mountain (no surprise)- which was good for me, as I got a second best time on a climb that I frequent. Clayton was pressed for time and turned back about half way up. I think this particular climb was new for both Jonathan and Roberto, so kudos to both for exceptional performance.

Once the three of us regrouped at the top, we decided to do a little surgery on my rear shiftier. Ultimately my cable was frozen and now stuck in high gear, and ready to strip at the lever. I appreciate Jonathan and Roberto’s help to get me back on the road.

Though I would have loved more miles, we decided to just backtrack and go home.

After a very cold two mile descent back into Southampton, I struggled to get back up the other side of Russellville, so I’m glad we did not press on with the other two climbs.

I continued on with Jonathan and Roberto until Florence Rd, where we split off. Turned out to be a perfect mix of riding for everyone, and the harder gear made me put in more effort for 10 miles or so, which I needed. Of course, as we were heading home, the sun came out in full force.

Sorry about the mechanical guys and that we had to get so cold for that. Now I know how to care for my cables better. Learning as I ride.

Hope to see you all again next weekend (and get back to the Saturday thing again!)


by Roger Stawasz » Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:38 am


Your post brought back memories for me, I’ve had two RD cables go one me this year. The first, happened while doing my favorite 45 mile loop around Santa Barbara. The cable frayed, likely due to not being lubed, (something I’ll take credit for) and quickly began stealing gear range from me. Fortunately, I still had a few gears to shift through at the time I got it to a bike shop.

The second happened after my return to the valley. I heard this one, it sounded like a guitar string breaking. My guess is that it was either faulty or installed improperly at the Santa Barbara bike shop. I was about 15 miles from home at the time and stuck in the high gear. I was amazed that I was able to ride it back home. It was quite a workout despite taking the least hilly route back that I could figure.

Unlike flats I’ve yet to change a cable but see caring for, and being able to change them on the road, as skills that would serve me well. Hope to see you Saturday weather permitting.