By Tim Cary
Published 11/03/2012; Updated 10/28/2021

by Tim_Cary » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:11 am

Another small turnout today- I suspect the Cycle-Smart ‘cross races over at Look Park were keeping folks busy. The group consisted of Kevin, Rich, myself, and new club member, Roger. Welcome to the club Roger!

Not having any routes in mind, Kevin suggested we head up toward Greenfield via Bardwell’s Ferry and do what we know as the “Cosby Loop”.

We pedaled out of town with sunny skies at about 40 degrees and into a brisk north-east wind that persisted throughout the ride. The “social pace out of town” did not happen this time, as Kevin and Rich hammered it up to the start of N. Farms Rd, as I stayed back with Roger.

But once on N. Farms we broke apart on the (small but fun?) climbs and I ended up way out in front at the normal re-group spot at the Mountain St intersection, with Roger close behind.

Back together for a bit on Mountain St, and then we each chugged away at our own pace up the longest climb of the day on Webber/Conway/Whatley Rd.

Just before Conway Center, Roger split off to head back home since he was looking for a shorter day. The three of us continued on toward Shelburne Falls Rd and then onto Bardwell’s Ferry, which features a quick descent and then a quick climb after crossing the Deerfield River.

A turn onto S. Shelburne Rd had us do the last major climbing of the day, then a fun descent into Greenfield, including the tricky 180 degree turn.

After a re-fuel stop at a gas station in Greenfield where everyone except us seemed to be buying lottery tickets (just that!), we headed south to Rte 5. Having several options to get home, I decided to lead us down River Rd, thinking it would give us more pedaling options and variety of pace and terrain.

I enjoyed the small rollers on the north section of River Rd (maybe Rich and Kevin did too?). Once we crossed 116 and headed down the south section of River Rd there was a pleasant tail wind that helped us hold a decent pace.

Once back in Noho, Rich turned off to return downtown, Kevin and I finally took up that “social pace out of town” back to Southampton via the bike path.

Despite the persistant breeze, the temperature warmed into the middle 50’s and the sun stayed out for a very pleasant ride. Another great SMR- great to see Rich and Kevin back out, and hope you had a great ride with us Roger.

From the Academy back to downtown I had 50 miles, total for the day is 66 miles with 3133 ft. of climbing.


by Roger Stawasz » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:00 pm

Thanks to Tim for the ride report and to Tim, Rich, and Kevin for the warm welcome to NCC. I was heartened to hear that the ride out of town was not the norm because I was certainly questioning whether the B’s were a bit of a reach for me. Truth is, the early pace did cook me some, so I was happy to keep my part short. Nonetheless, hopefully looking forward to a few more SMR’s this year.