By David Goodwin
Published 07/07/2012; Updated 10/30/2021

by David Goodwin » Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:04 am
We had a nice combined B/C ride with about 14 of us. We crossed the river into Hadley and rode up Rt 47 through Sunderland and then split the groups into two on Falls Road. About 10 of us continued in the B group through Montague, crossed back over the river and then into Greenfield via the Poet’s Seat Tower climb. From here we did one of my favorite climbs into Shelburne on Old Greenfield Road and screamed down Zerah Fiske Road, narrowly avoiding certain death from a very impatient driver. We wound our way to Shelburne Falls/Buckland, losing T (Tee? Tea?) but reconnected with him via cellphones. A quick refueling at McCuskers and then climbed up towards Conway where Roberto managed to pick off a whole cadre of riders as we held his wheel and were told by these somewhat gravitationally challenged riders to “slow down!”. Kevin, Roberto and I continued down Rt 116 into Sunderland where I peeled off. I had about 80 miles by the time I got back home.