By Tim Cary
Published 07/04/2012; Updated 10/30/2021

by Tim_Cary » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:48 pm
Just three of us tonight- Chris Johnson, myself, and a new face, Andrew. Everyone must have been enjoying the great weather for Independence Day.

Chris led us out of town, and set a very rapid pace through much of Hatfield (22-23mph), including sprinting to the Whately line (and winning, reminding me of the t/l sprints!).

We toned down the pace a bit with Andrew taking an good long pull up to the Sunderland bridge- and Chris grabbing the town line again with a rabbit in the mix almost taking the line instead of him!

I took a short pull up 47 and led us into Falls Rd, where Andrew took over with another impressive long pull up into Montague.

We all took it easy on the small hill climbs behind the Book Mill, though Chris and I- with the same bikes- were still kind of determined to see who could get to the top first.

Chris took the lead on the first descent back down to Falls Rd, with me sprinting downhill to catch him. I did, and I ended up leading out to the river re-group spot. The ride back on Falls Rd was highlighted by medium size tree that had come down over half the road, which was not there on our way up to Montague. Apparently we escaped a small wind storm?

All of us took shorter pulls on the way back on 47, with Andrew putting in quite a long effort again. I thought I could beat Chris to the Hadley town line this time- I surprised him, but he pulled through and beat me by inches. He tried to get me to race again in the lower part of North Hadley, but I did not have it in me.

As we were approaching the last fast part of the ride, we pulled on to Cemetery Rd, and I called a race to the hump where Cross Path Rd starts. Chris and Andrew got on me, and ultimately half way my legs had enough and I could not even have Chris pull me back in. He won- again.

After the leisurely ride back into town, we split off downtown. I have 54.3 miles from Easthampton and back. I think Andrew had a 19.5 pace at Cross Path Rd before slowing into town.

Great ride guys! A little bit of everything tonight.