By Tim Cary
Published 05/17/2012; Updated 11/23/2021

by Patrick Rondeau » Thu May 17, 2012 8:36 pm

Great ride tonight. Nine sturdy souls suffered through the sunshine, still air, and Scott’s 30 mph turns at the front to Conway and back. No fewer than four (or was it five?) of us were sporting the 2012 edition NCC jerseys and they did look sharp. Mine even fit better than the initial out of the wrapper journey — whether that’s a result of the wash cycle or my cruel addiction to office candy is debatable.

We regrouped at 116, but split for good on the climb out of Conway. Brad, the silent assassin, sniped several — OK, all of the town lines. Saw a number of familiar faces out on the road.

I clocked the average speed on 34.75 miles at 20.9 mph. See you next week.