By Tim Cary
Published 02/20/2012; Updated 11/23/2021

by jonathanbrody » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:12 pm
Great ride this afternoon, with three of us (Ron, Joel, Me) braving the wind on this National Holiday. From the outset, I was ready to ride alone as both of these guys are much stronger. However, like the true gentlemen and sportsmen they are, they hung with, even when I fumbled with my phone to turn on STRAVA and almost putting Joel head-first into an oncoming car due to my bad and changing directions. Except for the potential bodily injury and death part, this pattern continued, with me yelling out directions to the accelerating pair (maybe they were trying to get away from me?). We headed to Leeds, then out Reservoir, Glendale and up into the hills of Westhampton, back to Leeds, to Williamsburg and then Mountain Rd. to Westbrook (I love that Rd) outside of Whately Center and then onto 5/10 back to 01060. We had about 38.5 miles, 1527 ft of EG and a speed of about 17. It was a really good ride with good scenery and some new roads for the guys. STRAVA link: