By Tim Cary
Published 02/04/2012; Updated 11/23/2021

by Chris deHahn » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:46 pm
It was great to see everyone today in such great shape. I think back to last year and the difference is striking.

Thank you all for letting me get some of my workout in on 47N. Thank you David for the cutoff point. I was back in Noho and changed up by 4pm. Perfect. I hit the hammer pretty hard on the way back. My Garmin was giving me grief so I don’t yet know if I hit my goals but it was still a great workout. My bike is a mess, but I loved that dirt/ice/pothole section. Definitely worth it.

Tomorrow is 2hrs endurance, nice and steady. Next Saturday’s plan is for hills, so maybe if the weather and everything else falls into place we can do some climbing.

Post by Joseph Lellman » Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:17 pm
Was Chris not there when we did the road up to Wendell State Forest? How about Cave Hill Rd? Great ride, too hard for this time of year. I was toasted for the rest of the day and slept fitfully as a result of that wasted feeling. I hope we can get out again next weekend.


Post by jonathanbrody » Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:57 pm
As you can see from the other posts, this was a great ride. If it was a movie it could have been called Invasion of the B-Ride Snatchers: The A-Riders Strike Again. There was ten of us: Mike F., Robero, Jonathan (complete with his Tom Brady jersey), Chris DH, David G., Todd R., Mike N., Joe L., and newcomer Chris ? from CT via Florida. We set out across the river, up 47 to Sunderland. Along the way Chris DH and Mike F. set a blistering pace. I clearly was the weakest link, and did my nest to hang on as we pushed North into the wind. In fact, Chris DH sat up front for more than half the way to Sunderland with everyone cycling through a turn with him until they had enough sunk back to the pack kind-of shaking their heads and making remarks about his incredible strength and endurance. We had the “over 50” pit-stop at the rest areas before Falls Rd. and then went up Falls to take some smaller roads to 47. AS we headed up 47 we took a right onto the ice rd (see previous comments) and then made our way to Turners’s and Wendel. It was there that Chris turned back to go home. The climb was tough, but it was fun to see the strong guys battle it out until they were so far ahead of me that I couldn’t see them anymore. From there we headed around Lake Wyola, to Cavehill and then down through Leverette, where Roberto departed, and some cool side-streets off of Plumtree to get back to 47. As everyone has been saying, it was a really fast and really cooperative ride. I had a blast, and like Joe, hope we can do it again soon. Thanks to David for the route. Here are my stats adjusted for my two-two-three minute or so lag behind everyone on the climb and warm-down at the end of my ride: 54miles, 17.5 mph, 2000ft of elevation gain (this is guess considering that three of us who use Strava came-up with different elevation gain numbers for the same ride – go figure?). .