By Tim Cary
Published 09/01/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by Patrick Rondeau » Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:02 pm

13 brave souls took to the storm ravaged roads of WMass last night for the final TNR and found naught but good times, some punishing paces, and mostly clear roads before the sun’s light faded.

My odometer recorded 35 miles @ 20.2 mph pace (from Nonotuck/Maple in Florence).

There was general agreement that the alternative Ashfield Rd route was worthy as it ground steadily up up up before relenting downward toward 116. Max, Thom and I pushed each other to near cardiac arrest on the initial ascents before Ryan Schiff joined in on the fun for the latter half of this particular section which was definitely a highlight for me.

Rt. 116 showed some slumping/longitudinal cracks close to the Ashfield Rd/116 turn, but beyond that there was only a small section after passing Main Poland where the road showed any evidence of storm damage.

Peter, Chris and other Amherst area riders split off before the Conway Rd ascent in which Thom punished everyone. Max held me off on the TL sprint into Whately despite my being in textbook-perfect position to capitalize on his effort. *raises fist angrily at sky – MENDOZA!!!*

Messrs. Lellman and Kerwood’s steady pace caught our group before the downhill by the reservoir. The Webber Rd route still has pockets of loose gravel, some of which piled up due to the storm. This section still requires extra attention.

The final sprint on North Farms Rd was nearly conceded to Thom who opened up a break I couldn’t follow. Brad was the lone rider to hold Thom’s wheel and while Thom burned his match to the nub on the lead-out Brad pounced and (I believe) took the line first. Well played, sir.

This was pretty much a perfect way to close out the scheduled Thursday night rides for the summer. Thanks for the good times.