By Jonathan Brody
Published 08/27/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by jonathanbrody » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:45 pm

This is the hurricane edition of the SMR report; hope everyone is safe and well. We had a surprisingly good turnout for the ride(s) yesterday considering the D2R2 and the cross race. Eight of us, which included three C-Riders who had gathered for what seems like the forming of a regular Saturday C-Ride. As a result, we started out together (Steve, Aaron, Abel, Joe (new member), Clayton, Derek, Ivan, and Roberto. We decided on an Ashfield trip that followed the TNR route out Ashfield Rd. but continuing past Poland. We stayed together to Williamsburg at a pleasant pace, with Abel’s i-phone gps unit serenading us every few hundred feet — NCC, now with play-by-play! From Williamsburg, Clayton and Joe took off and as Joe reported in an email, hammered it out with Clayton stronger on the flats and Joe showing his stuff on the hills, although we still need Clayton to confirm. Ivan and Roberto took myself and Derek up Ashfield Rd. at what was feeling like a blistering pace. As my leg started cramping soon before Poland, it was confirmed that, yes, it was a blistering pace — at least for me and what we normally see on a SMR. Ivan had the idea of turning off to climb to DAR and at that point I bailed. Yes, I abandoned my own ride and I am not ashamed to admit it, although the guys were so nice, I had to resort to authoritarianism stating that “its my ride so I can do what I want” in my desperation to tuck my tail and limp my home home through Ashfield, Conway and back the TNR with a detour down to Mountain Rd, Westbroook Rd and onto 5 back to Northampton. I had 40 miles total at a pace that will not be publicly known to protect the innocent. I would love to know how the other rides – Clayton, Roberto, and the C-Group – went, so please go ahead and post a reply.


by Abel Gonzalez » Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:58 pm
Great ride for the C also.
As Jonathan mentioned three of us showed up for the C ride (hopefully the group will continue to grow!). We rode together with the A/B up to Williamsburg (thanks Jonathan for encouraging me up the hills), we waited for Aaron who had taken a detour to pick up some water and regrouped. A/B headed to Ashfield and we took off to Haydenville rd, we hit the detour and then it was fun down the dirt road around there down to Whately then Sunderland and then on our way back took a detour towards Amherst instead of going all the way down River Rd to increase the mileage a bit. So in all a mix of some hills and flats riding for the day.

Ended up doing 40 miles with a decent pace with great weather.
Thanks to Aaron for organizing and choosing the route.

Here’s the info and map from the serenading iPhone, hey Jon it only talks every half mile!!

(I started it a bit late coming out the Academy so it says 38 mi only).


by Roberto Ludovico » Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:04 pm
Thanks, Jonathan – glad to hear that all was fine on your solo ride back home. I will pick up from where you left us orphans of your comforting guiding presence, at the bottom of DAR. Derek, Ivan and I enjoyed the climb and the beautiful view from the top. After descending we decided to turn right toward 116 and make our way to Ashfield Center where we took Baptist Corner rd. toward Shelburne. We stopped to refuel at the spring water fountain and continued the beautiful ride toward Shelburne Falls rd. Here we took an unintuitive sharp left toward Conway in order to go back toward Shelburne Center via Bardwell Ferry rd – across the beautiful bridge on the Deerfield River, that is, and up toward Cosby’s estate. From there, guided by Derek, we proceeded toward Greenfield and South Deerfield through familiar back roads for those who are regulars of the SMR. After a much needed refueling pit-stop at the S. Deerfield Cumberland Farm we headed back to Noho on River rd. at very fast pace (with headwind) thanks to a well coordinated pace-line. At the I-91 overpass Ivan sprinted from behind and took first place. The ride was indeed a blast in an unexpectedly quiet pre-storm morning/early afternoon: lots of climbing and a remarkable example of team-work all throughout the loop.
Approaching Noho from rt. 5-10 Derek and Ivan split toward Easthampton and Northampton respectively, while I went on toward Amherst via Demon rd., rt. 47 (the bike-path bridge had already been closed in anticipation of the storm) and Bay rd. I took a detour into Belchertown, looped around Old Bay rd. and approached Station rd. via Warren Right rd. My total distance was 141 Km at 27.9 km/h. I am sure the group part of the ride had a higher average. I hope that Ivan and Derek made it home safely and before the rain. Thank you all for the beautiful ride!