By Joseph Lellman
Published 07/09/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by Joseph Lellman » Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:41 am
We were absent a couple of regular Jonathans, and Chris de Hahn was also a no show (I was all a twitter in anticipation of his attendance, as he had posted that he would definitely be there), but newcomer Peter Oulette helped round out a nice group which incluced yours truly, Mike Foley, Clayton Jarvis, Kevin, Rich Wu, Ed Parrot, Ron, and eventually Paul, who chased us from the Academy and caught the tail end in Huntington. It was a beautiful day with an ambitious agenda: Rte 66 to Huntington, Rte 112 to Worthington, then Rte 143 into and out of the Chesterfield Gorge. As expected we rode the hills in small groups at various paces, and stopped several times to regroup. Clayton did the lion’s share of the work for the fastest group on each major climb. He then split off when we merged onto Rte 9 in Williamsburg while most of us took South St. home. Paul flatted in Florence center, and most of us left him to fend for himself. It was a splendid ride, but noone knew the mileage or elevation gained. It took us exactly three hours including several brief stops to regroup. Joe L.