By Tim Cary
Published 06/18/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by apazmany » Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:44 am
Another great Saturday morning ride. A smaller than expected group of about 10 of us left NOHO at 9 am on the Thursday night route towards Conway. We were well matched so re-groupings after climbs were very quick. We kept an easy going pace till the Williamsburg crossing of Rt 9, then Clayton upped the tempo which prompted Mike Hempstead to really put the hammer down and kept an uncomfortable pace (especially for a Sat morning ride) almost to Conway. We re-grouped before turning left towards the DAR forest and then took a very scenic loop to Ashfield, and on to Shelburne Falls. Clayton, Paul, Morgan and a few others turned for home before S. Falls, so only Zak Page, Mike, Roberto and I enjoyed an early lunch at McCusker’s. From there Mike and Roberto rode on to look for more hills, while Zak and I headed home to Amherst through Conway, South Deerfield and Sunderland. My computer indicated a 65 miles door-to-door distance at a sluggish 17.2 mi/hr average, although the ride felt much faster – more like a longer version of a Thursday night ride.