By Tim Cary
Published 06/02/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by Patrick Rondeau » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:22 pm
It would be wrong, I think, to let another epic Thursday night ride pass without a post-ride report so here ’tis…

I caught a group of about 10 fast-moving riders on Nonotuck heading out to W’burg. Temperatures in low low 60s with the prevailing wind always in our faces. Riding two abreast we made to Ashfield Rd at a good conversational pace.

Yours truly applied direct pressure at the top of Ashfield Rd > Main Poland and opened a gap, but it was not enough as Tom (of the Red Beard) and Max Rome quickly gained ground to peak first/second respectively.

Regroup pause at 116 was brief. The afternoon wind had tapered and on the Conway flats the sun emerged as we pushed 25-27mph into Conway, up Maple and onto Whately Rd. Mike Hempstead, fresh from the Italian Alps/Dolomites, pushed a hard pace up the hill leaving approximately half of the original group to the wolves and hill people. Sorry fellas.

The pace remained high to the town line, past the compost farm and along Mountain Rd. I don’t remember stringing together many complete thoughts during this stretch, but I distinctly remember thinking I’d eaten “too many cupcakes this week.” Ian, Mike, Tom and one other fella were devastating off the front.

The final climb up North Farms was as spirited as ever. Again, feeling like I might breakaway, I strained forward opening a respectable gap of at least 5-10 feet before pulling the entire sprint field to within 75 yards of the line where all hell broke loose. I think I saw Tom take it.

From Florence Ctr: 31.65 miles, 20.0 avg speed, 1:34:35

Great ride. Thanks all. See you next week.