By Jonathan Brody
Published 05/07/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by jonathanbrody » Sat May 07, 2011 9:42 pm
We had a record-breaking ride this morning. 19 of us (too many to name) showed up at the Academy with a whopping five female riders!!! This is of note as hopefully it will be a start of a trend. We headed up Elm to Bridge to 5/10 to River Rd. up to south Deerfield/ Sunderland to stay to the flats and try to keep the group together. We did, except for losing a friend of Clayton’s who flatted, but, as Clayton said, was “on his own” and so continued up River Rd. to Greenfield where we broke-up on the hills, with Clayton J., David G., Max, and Roberto, and Joe L. leading the pack. We regrouped in Greenfield and headed past the fish hatchery and the bookmill to 63 where we Climbed to Lake Wyola with Clayton, Joe, Max, Dabid G. back up front, with Ron, Roberto, myself, and the Kevins following, with Don, Meg, Kathyrn, and others not far behind. We regrouped at the Lake and climbed to Shutesbury where we then headed down the S-Curves. I was on the phone, so I missed teh groups departure and thus had to chase all the way down. The group, still 17 strong (we lost Peggy early in the ride to her desire for a shorter ride and then Roberto in Shutesbury) and were flying down the hills between 35-40 mph!!! I caught due to some traffic in Leverrett where I found Clayton for roughly the fifth time of the day extending a supportive pull to a couple of riders — nice work Clayton! We then hit some nasty roads through Amherst, crossed 116 and then headed over to forty seven. The group basically split into three at that point with folks wanting to do their own thing at that point as keeping 19 people together for a totaling about 58 miles at a blistering 19.5mph average (with the hills we might add!!!) became a little taxing. All-in-all it was a fantastic ride and I certainly hope we can do it again sometime!