By Peter Crowley
Published 04/21/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

Peter Crowley » Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:50 pm
Only 4 of us – J O-K, Ed, Ron, and Peter managed to come out for the ride. It was very windy, with a stiff headbreeze leaving the Academy. We were joined by Dorothy, Toto, and Auntie Em on the way to Williamsburg. The flying monkeys made the ride out of Williamsburg harder than usual. However, once we got to Rt 116 the man behind the curtain told us that we could fly home if we just believed that we could. From there on, …well we flew. In Conway, Ed and Jonathan clicked their heels together 3 times and returned to Amherst and Ron and I continued back to Northampton.