By Jonathan Brody
Published 04/16/2011; Updated 01/22/2022

by jonathanbrody » Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:37 pm
About ten of us including Ivan, Kevin, Paul, Jay, Rich, Patrick, Nick, Perry, Nice Guy With a Back Pack whose name I can’t remember and myself, gathered at the academy. We headed out the Thursday Night Ride in Reverse with the intention of heading to Shelburne from Conway. On the way, Perry, training for a half-ironman, fell back a bit and so we decided to part ways with him, but not before he firmly let us know that he does not ride as fast as us “yet!” In Conway we deviated from our original plan due to the cold and impending weather and instead headed down 116. On the accent over the peak out of Conway Patrick pulled a Vinokourov (complete with the Astana kit and sunglasses) and stepped it up considerably. Not to be undone, Paul started us on the descent at a blistering pace. I tried to outdo him, but realized quick I couldn’t and could best serve myself, Paul, Kevin and Patrick by taking my turn in a line that was flying! We shredded most of the group, but Nick made an incredible effort and stayed a respectable distance to us as we intersected with 116 at Yankee. There we shared stories of our descents, including a record tire change by the Nice Guy With a Back Pack whose name I can’t remember. The group split there with Ivan, Jay, Paul, Nice Guy With a Back Pack heading down 5 and 10 to cut the ride a little short, and Nick, Rich, Kevin, Patrick and I heading to 47. Due to my poor multi-tasking skills and eating little too late, I fell back over the bridge and Kevin pulled me back to the group that was pushing a respectable 21mph into a big headwind. Once there I slipped out of my pedal and slunk back a ways, but kept the group in sight. What I saw was Kevin and Rich eventually get shred off the back of Patrick and Nick who were kicking some serious wind-ass (not the other way around thankfully). They chased for a while, gave up and I joined them. We regrouped before on the curve before Cemetery road and cruised back into town. The rise was essentially 40 miles and we did fairly quickly; I do not an exact speed, but my legs hurt which means it was probably between 17-18mph average???