By David Goodwin
Published 01/01/2011; Updated 09/15/2021

by David Goodwin » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:40 am

Dave Lucey – where the heck was Dave Lucey? I never saw him!

Anyway, it was 43 degrees when I rode past the Silverscape clock. There were around 20 of us – we left the Academy right at noon so if you showed up late – you missed the ride. I’m on a mission this year to start the rides on time so I advise everyone to show up at the posted times.

We rode north on River Road through Hatfield, Whately, through Deerfield, Old Deerfield and up to Greenfield on Routes 5 and 10, stopping briefly to help a cyclist in need (thanks Todd for the heavy lifting). We cruised back south via River Road in Deerfield, crossed over the Sunderland bridge and then through Hadley on Route 47 (yes, I did not take the Sunderland/Hadley town line sprint since I did the slow-mo leadout). The total distance was around 46 miles, the average speed was a bit faster than I expected (around 18.5 mph) and I hope everyone had a great time. I know I did!