By Jonathan Brody
Published 10/23/2010; Updated 12/05/2022

by jonathanbrody » Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:17 pm
We had a great ride Saturday. Eight of us braved the chilling morning to meet at the Academy. This group included Dave L., Joe L., Don F., Dawn, Kevin, Harry, Paul D. and myself. We headed out at a reasonable pace – by request of several group members – to 47N. We headed up Plumtree Rd. to 116 (where Harry departed) to Bull Hill Rd. to 63 to Depot Rd. After this point the group split with Dave, Joe, Kevin going on a shorter route to make their ride two hours. Dawn, Don, Paul and I headed to the Shutesbury S-Curves with Dawn and Paul leading the pack. From there, we headed to the Cambodian Theravadan Wat and Peace Pagoda and spent a very novel and tranquil 30-minutes wandering the Buddhist sites and sights that make up the two communities there. With our legs rested we headed down to Levertt and then onto Montague at a blistering pace 25-35 and then into the headwind down Falls Rd. where Dawn began to inflict great punishment on us with her 25-27 mph pulls until I whined and asked for her to stop. She obliged and we headed down 47 over to River Rd. to finish out the ride at a very steady pace. On the whole we rode 58 miles, 2800 feet of climbing at a pace of about 17-18mph.