By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 04/24/2010; Updated 03/21/2024

by Jonathan O’Keeffe » Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:48 pm

Kinda late on the ride report, sorry. Slightly low turnout this Saturday, affected, I suspect, by Sunday’s Quabbin race. But we still managed a group of eleven or so riders from the Academy, including Jonathan, Joe, Paul, Kevin, Rich, Dave, Joyce, Steve, Enola, Ken, and me.

We set out under cloudless skies on a gorgeous April Saturday morning, planning on heading to Shelburne Falls. We threw in an unconventional detour along Riverside Drive, which brought us further off the beaten path and made things more sociable. A minor unclipping incident on Nonotuck Street brought down a couple of riders, but everyone emerged unscathed.

From there, it was on to Mountain Street in Haydenville, leading up to the reservoir climbs, and a very brisk traverse of Whately Road that brought everyone up to Rt. 116 in Conway in close proximity. Jonathan had a bit of a cassette problem at that point, prompting us to call an audible and cancel Shelburne Falls, and instead head down 116 toward Flye Cylcles in Sunderland. A brisk descent ensued (with Jonathan at the back of the pack to ensure that his exploding cassette wouldn’t jeopardize the rest of us). Several folks split off to head back to Northampton as we approached the bridge.

After Jonathan’s repair at Flye, the remaining group headed north on Falls Rd/Meadow Street, where we were treated to a loud re-explosion from Jonathan’s drivetrain just prior to our arrival at the Bookmill. Jonathan elected to call it quits at that point, while the rest of us (Paul, Kevin, Steve, Joyce, and I) continued up into the hills on the east side of the river. We climbed to Lake Wyolya, and then further into Shutesbury center, before a high-speed dive-bomb descent of the S-curves. I was relieved to head back home to Amherst at that point, while Paul and Kevin were still continuing onward back to Northampton and Southampton, racking up a bunch of additional miles en-route.

For the group portion, I ended up with 52 miles @ 17.3 mph, 2,900′ of climbing