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Please reach out to everyone you know, and also consider more than one task.  You will be rewarded! Here is the list of volunteer positions essential to the success of the race.

Lunch on race day, instructions, and all equipment (except cars!) will be provided.

NCC is also assembling another great raffle with excellent prizes for all volunteers this year.

Email Tim with any questions.

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Pre-race course sweep:

Friday morning (7/17), 8:30am start at place TBD. Drive the entire course to sweep gravel and sand off of corners, mark potholes and other dangerous pavement conditions. Can take 2 to 4 hours, depending on condition of the course and the number of people. Best done by a group of 2-4 (the more people, the less time it will take), the day before the race. A great opportunity to re-con the course before racing, and a great way for someone who plans to race to contribute! We will coordinate cars and brooms, etc. (No experience necessary.)

Corner marshals:

Stand at a corner on the race course and direct racers, and possibly also car traffic. This is another great way to watch the race, and a vital role for the success of the race- we don’t want anyone to get lost. In some locations, there will also be police. Corner marshals will also have radios. Time commitment: approximately 8:30 AM until the final field comes through, which depends on your location.

Marshals will be needed at the following intersections:
Start – S. River Rd/Thunder Mountain Rd (Charlemont)
Charlemont Rd/Upper St (Buckland)
Upper St/Rte 112 (Buckland)
Rte 112/Clesson Brook Rd (Buckland)
Buckland Rd/Plainfield Rd (Hawley)
North St/Grant St (Plainfield)
Bow St at Peppermint Park (Plainfield)
Bow St/Rt. 116 (Plainfield)
Rt. 116/Rte 8a (Plainfield)

Drivers (18 people with cars- previous racing experience is good):

8:30 AM to finish of your field. We need a lead car and a follow car for each field. This is an excellent vantage point from which to watch the race! Experience racing is useful, so that you are familiar with the role of lead and follow drivers. All drivers will have a radio. A stipend will be provided to cover gas costs. If you have a particular field you’d like to drive for, let me know- first come, first served!

Parking (3 people):

Direct traffic in the parking area. Requires common sense, orange vest provided! 7:30 until 12:30, good position for those racing! (No experience necessary.)

Course set-up and take-down (1 or 2 people):

Assist with course set-up – placing cones and signs, and do a final check of the course. Then, following the final field, go back around to pick up signs and cones, as well as stray water bottles. Time commitment: 6:30- 8:30, and 2:30-5:30. This could be two people, one for each round, or one person willing to do both. Again, a good opportunity to re-con the course beforehand, or to re-live the race! (No experience necessary.)

Registration Assistants (4 people):

8:00-12:30: Sit behind a table and check racers in. Most people will pre-reg, so it’s simple, but others will be signing up and paying for day-of. This is another good position for those who want to race- check out the competition and stay seated before your start! If you plan to race, be sure to indicate your field and start time when you respond, so we can be sure we have enough people. (No experience necessary.)  There will be two shifts here.

Driver stager (1 person):

We also need someone to organize the drivers, hand out radios and lunches, and answer questions. Ideally, this person would have experience and also drive the follow vehicle for the last field to leave.