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Here you will find some great cycling routes in the area around Northampton. We picked routes that showcase the best of the valley scenery. The routes allow printing a cue sheet if you do not have a bike computer to download the route to. You can also download the app to your smartphone and navigate these routes.

Note: road conditions change all the time. At the time of route creation, roads are paved. We don’t guarantee all these routes are smooth riding. Please ride safely and smart.

Tip: Click the “view full route” on the top of each map.

 40mi – Wednesday Night Ride (WNR) Route – Mostly Flat, One Hill in the Middle

39mi – Thursday Night Ride (TNR) Route – lots of hills

26mi – Amherst Start- around Mt. Holyoke Range

48mi – Northampton- Turner’s Falls – Mostly flat with a few gentle climbs, up the east side of the Connecticut River, and returning on the west side.

31mi – Northampton Start- around Mt. Holyoke Range

41mi – Amherst – Northampton- North Farms – Montague – Cave Hill

43mi – Northampton- Amherst – Cave Hill – Book Mill – Hatfield

40mi – The Original Wednesday Night Ride (WNR) Route- A Very Nice Loop, but too many stops for a training ride

47.5 mi – A Northampton Gulf Buffam Shutesbury Sunderland Hatfield Loop

56mi – Northampton Gulf 202 Wyola Book-Mill 47 Loop 

55mi -Northampton-Conway-Shelburne-Falls-Ashfield-Williamsburg-Loop


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